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The N.E Victoria Chardonnay Mixed Dozen


The N.E Victoria Chardonnay Mixed Dozen

$555 worth of beautiful North East Chardonnay for $450


The quality of Chardonnay coming out of the North East and especially Beechworth is now at an all-time high.  In addition to the established brilliance of producers such as Giaconda, Sorrenberg and Savaterre there are now a number of newer smaller producers coming to the fore with very high quality Chardonnay in various styles.

We know the owners, winemakers and vineyards that are making these tremendous wines. As a result we are uniquely able to put together an excellent mixed dozen which represents the top Chardonnays in the area. Our regular shelf price for these wines would be $555, but for a limited time they are just $450. with free shipping. This is a fantastic value.

Cick into the product below for wine details.

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